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Who are the Stakeholders for ITS Ethiopia?

The stakeholders for ITS Ethiopia come from all sectors (public-private-local & international) entities and institutions, which may be directly or indirectly involved in activities, which contribute to improving and modernizing the transportation systems of the country. They include the following list:

• The Ethiopian Ministry of Transportation, which is the major sponsor and one of the founders of the Intelligent Transportation Society of Ethiopia (ITS Ethiopia), in collaboration with Ethiopian ITS experts and service providers in the Ethiopian Diaspora (primarily USA)

• The City of Addis Ababa Mayor’s Office with its Transportation Bureau, which has been working in collaboration with the Ethiopian Ministry of Transportation and Ethiopian ITS experts in the Diaspora, to initiate, promote and advance the planning and implementation of key ITS projects (including a Transportation Management Center-TMC and Traffic Signal Control Center-TSCS), and modernize the City’s transportation system.

• The Ethiopian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), which promotes and advances the development of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) for the growth and transformation of Ethiopia. (ITS is basically an application of ICTs to improve and modernize transportation systems).

• Local, regional and federal transportation agencies directly/indirectly involved in ITS related operations and transportation services

• Public Transportation System Operators (including bus, rail and taxis)

• Local academic institutions including universities and transportation research centers

• Health, security and safety institutions responsible for protection of the public and the transportation networks; including traffic police and emergency responders.

• Commercial Vehicle Operators (CVO) and fleet managers

• Traveler Information Service providers, including FM radio operators, and other media outlets

• The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry, which promotes and encourages technology & knowledge transfer through its Diaspora Office, by engaging the Diaspora; and serving as a bridge to connect and facilitate collaboration and team work among Ethiopians, inside and outside the country, to enhance our country’s growth and transformation.

• The Ethiopian Diaspora worldwide, who are interested in making a difference, by participating in the development programs of their country, especially in the transport sectors; through technology and knowledge transfer. This includes: all Ethiopian professionals and executives engaged in the transportation industry (public-private or Int’l) such as ITS Specialists, researchers and academicians, traffic engineers, transportation planners, managers, ITS hardware/software vendors & developers, service providers (e.g. fleet management, traveler information services etc) and contractors and consultants.

• Public and community associations dealing with transportation services

• Local and Int’l ITS Hardware/Software vendors and system integrators

• Local and Int’l civil engineering firms dealing with highway and road constructions

• Telecom operators

• International donors

• Others

Please see the membership section in the menu tab for detailed information on membership, and how you may contribute to the growth of ITS programs in Ethiopia through partnership with ITS Ethiopia, while benefiting your organization from the Society’s valuable services.


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